Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sox Plan To Be Buyers This July

Winning 12 of 13 games can do a lot of things for a baseball team. It can help you move from third to first place in only a few short weeks, and it's possible that it could also lead to a boost in attendance at home games, which help the bottom line.

It looks like winning can also lead you to throw that rebuilding plan away.

According to Bob Nightengale of the USA Today, the White Sox had originally planned to unload some veterans this summer, but that's no longer the case. No, the Sox are looking to buy now.
The White Sox originally had visions of unloading veterans at the deadline but now plan to add players, according to a high-ranking team official who requested anonymity from USA TODAY Sports because of competitive reasons.  
They would have given away starter Jake Peavy and his $17 million salary a few months ago. Now he's untouchable, with the White Sox envisioning him as their workhorse for the pennant stretch.
Personally I have mixed feelings about this. While a rebuilding process is definitely needed at some point with the way this roster is built, at the same time, playoff run!

I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves, as the calendar has not struck June just yet. Still, while I was more optimistic about this team than a lot of people heading into the season, I wasn't expecting this. And while I don't expect the White Sox to stay this hot for the rest of the season, the Tigers and Indians have shown us nothing that would make us think that they'll be running away from anybody.

So I feel like the White Sox are going to be in the playoff hunt until the end of the season, and with that extra wild card spot, there is motivation to go for it. Now I don't want to see Kenny liquidate the farm system for some big name player, but I wouldn't mind seeing an upgrade at third base or possibly the back of the rotation.

So when that trade deadline comes around, I won't exactly hold it against Kenny if he pulls that trigger he loves so much.


  1. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like there are many veteran 3B worth trading for. Polanco if the Phillies fall out of contention? Chris Johnson from Houston (I know literally nothing about him)? I don't think they have enough to get Youkilis.

  2. I felt more positive then most about this team before the season started. The Tigers should be able to hit, but the pitching and defensive is suspect. As for the Sox, there was simply no way that they repeated 2011, everything that went could have went wrong did, plus there was the Ozzie and Kenny drama.

    Robin has these guys very comfortable and they are now really clicking with each other. If Kenny can improve the team at the deadline then he needs to do it. One thing that Kenny is good at is pulling of the improbable deal, do they always work out? No. But that is part of being a GM. Hell, look at how this team is playing now. De Aza and Viciedo and this bullpen all had to come from somewhere.

  3. The best thing we can hope for is that a healthy Morel = a good Morel. Then I can see the Sox trying to shore up the bullpen or add a veteran starter if Danks' struggles/health issues continue.


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