Friday, May 11, 2012

The Power Struggle At The Cell Becomes Clear

Before the season started, back when Robin Ventura was first hired to replace Ozzie Guillen, there has been talk of who is really pulling the strings within the White Sox organization. Some believe that Ventura is really in charge, others think he's just a puppet for Kenny Williams, and then there are those that think Don Cooper is running the show.

The truth is, we don't really know who runs the day to day. Odds are it's Ventura seeing as how he's the guy filling out the lineup card and calling the shots from the dugout.

On Friday, however, we got a reminder of who has the final say in personnel decisions.

That's right, if you don't like the decision Don Cooper or Robin Ventura made, call Kenny Williams. He'll fix things.

Of course, what remains to be explained is why this whole fiasco lasted as long as it did. Was Williams on some remote island? How did everything go down without Williams stepping in at some point long before Friday evening to put an end to these shenanigans?

Was he not even informed? Because if that's the case, that seems like a pretty ballsy move for Ventura or Cooper to make.

Both knew full well that Kenny's plan for Sale all along has been to use him as a starter, and to move him to the bullpen without letting him know first is a mistake. Which means it was either Ventura's inexperience showing, or Don Cooper's on a bit of a power trip.

I'll let you decide.

Whatever the case is, it's rather obvious at this point that the White Sox organization is an organization in name only at the moment. Not practice.

But let's look at the bright side. Chris Sale's MRI came back "clean and pristine" and he'll be back in the starting rotation on Saturday.

Hooray for dysfunction!

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  1. As long as Chris Sale is healthy, and in the starting rotation, none of this other BS matters.


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