Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Today's Episode Of 'The Chris Sale Saga' Chris Gets An MRI On His Elbow

The White Sox have decided that the situation with Chris Sale just isn't confusing enough for us. He was moved to closer and Robin Ventura told us that he'd be the closer for the rest of the season, and then after his first appearance out of the bullpen last night, Don Cooper decided to tell us that it's possible Chris could make his way back to the rotation this season.

In other words, nobody knows what they're doing or how they're going to do it.

Sadly the only thing they do know is that Chris is going to get an MRI performed on his elbow. You know the one that isn't injured, it's just sore but it's not injured it could just threaten his career? Yeah, they're getting an MRI on that elbow. But I'm sure it's just for fun.
Pitcher Chris Sale will undergo an MRI on his left elbow, five days after the Chicago White Sox pulled their prized pitcher from the rotation and into the closer's role. 
A source confirmed the appointment shortly after pitching coach Don Cooper told Jim Bowden on his SiriusXM's Inside Pitch show of the intentions for Sale. 
The examination is expected to be routine and is not believed to be conducted because of Sale's outing Tuesday, when he pitched one inning in his first relief outing after being pulled from the rotation because of a soreness and tenderness in his left elbow.
If there's any good news out of all of this, and there really, truly isn't, it's that at least Addison Reed will now serve as the closer for the time being. The role he should have been in all along while Chris Sale was starting.

In an unrelated question, is 1:30pm on a Wednesday too early to start drinking heavily? Would it make me an alcoholic, because I think I'm about to become an alcoholic if it does.


  1. Why is cooper saying one thing and the organization saying another? Weird.

  2. At first I thought they were moving him to bullpen so he could blow out his elbow at a slower pace. Now I have no damn clue as to what they are doing, and it appears Cooper and Ventura don't either. Over/Under August 1st for Chris Sale having Tommy John surgery?

  3. You guys don't get monthly MRIs? They come free with 10 combo meals purchases from Arby's through my medical plan.


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