Friday, May 4, 2012

NotHawk's Bar: So Let's Talk About Joe Cowley

Good news, everybody, I'm back from vacation. I know your lives have been fucking terrible since I left, but I don't fucking care about your lives, so don't worry. It's no big deal.

In even better news, I'm pissed off. Find out why in the newest episode of NotHawk's Bar.

If you're listening at work, may want to put on the headphones.


  1. NotHawk has a point, Louis CK sucks.

    1. Louis CK doesn't suck. He's not as funny as I am, but that doesn't mean he sucks.

  2. The Hawkeroo is pissed. He get an STD or something from that Colombian prostitute?

  3. Me = hypocritical douchebag because...
    Louis CK = comedian
    Joe Cowley = "journalist"
    Freedom of Speech = no government intrusion on speech
    NotHawk's opinions on this matter = amusing nonetheless

    1. Cowley isn't a journalist. He's a columnist. Columnists are paid to give their opinions on things. But apparently in your mind, if he was a comedian/columnist, he'd be allowed to say what he wants.

      The man said this shit on his Twitter account. Twitter is a meritocracy. Nobody is forced to follow anybody.

      As for freedom of speech, you miss the point of what I was saying. People don't want the government telling them what they can and can't say, but those same people have no problem telling people what they can or cannot say.

      That's hypocrisy.

      Glad you were amused.

  4. CST in his twitter name shows that he is representing The Chicago Sun Times. He is a fucking moron. He said to another media personality a bunch of sexist shit that wasn't funny. If it was funny then it would of been cool and looked at as satire. It kind of reminds me of the Kramer situation. If Louis CK represented Pepsi and went on to call someone specifically a cunt he would of been let go. Ex: Gilbert Gottfried.

  5. Yes, I stand corrected, Cowley's been a columnist for what, a few months? Whatever, you're right, columnists do generally give their opinion and when stated, that opinion is thought to be theirs. Doesn't always work that way with comedians. They assume characters and say outrageous shit to evoke laughter. I doubt very seriously that when Rodney Dangerfield's father took him hunting he actually gave his son a five minute head start. I'm glad Cowley got booted off his Sun-Times twitter account not for what he said in his tweets, but because I don't like the tiny douche bag. But by all means, defend him. You do amuse me.


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