Thursday, May 3, 2012

Indians 7 White Sox 5: John Danks Has Some Problems

There's one thing John Danks did right tonight. He only walked one hitter a night after the White Sox walked eight.

Other than that, though, and things were pretty much as John Danks as they can get.

Danks allowed 6 earned runs in 7 innings, but it really should have been 7 earned runs. After all, it was one of Danks' two errors on the night that lead to the unearned run, and that seems like as earned a run as an earned run can get as far as the pitcher is concerned.

There was also the patented "Just When You Think You're Safe John Danks John Dankseses You" moment in the seventh. Danks allowed only one run in the sixth inning on a solo shot to Asdrubal Cabrera, lowering his sixth inning ERA from 18.69 to 16.88, but followed that up in the seventh by allowing a three-run shot to Jason Kipnis with two outs.

A devastating blow.

What's really concerning, however, is that Manny Acta just sent a notice to the rest of baseball.

When you are facing John Danks, put as many lefties in the lineup as you can.

Danks can't -- or won't -- throw his changeup against lefties, and it's his best pitch. So you're essentially handcuffing him when you make him face a lineup of left-handed hitters.

Which means he has to throw a lot more fastballs than he wants, and his fastball is incredibly hittable when you know it's coming.

Especially since Danks' velocity seems to be dipping this year.

There are a lot of red flags popping up around Danks right now, and that's not what any of us want to see after the extension he signed this winter. He's made six starts now, and he's 2-4 with an ERA of 6.51 and he's yet to allow less than 3 runs in any one of his starts.

If you weren't worried before, it might be time to start now.

As for everybody else, Gordon Beckham seems to be finding his swing, as he got two more hits tonight and has raised his average to .203. Of course, he couldn't do all this without forgetting how many outs there were in the 8th inning and getting doubled off first on a fly ball to centerfield.

Just in case you want to be happy with him, he finds a way to piss you off.

To end on a positive note, though, Adam Dunn did hit what was an ultimately meaningless home run in the ninth inning. A home run that gives him 7 on the season, along with 19 RBI.

If you're wondering what kind of pace that is over a 162-game season, well, be prepared to smile.

45 home runs and 123 RBI.


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