Friday, May 4, 2012

Game #26: White Sox at Tigers

WHITE SOX 12-13 Jake Peavy 3-1 1.67 ERA 6:05 PM CT
TIGERS 12-12 Drew Smyly  1-0 1.23 ERA

Good news, the White Sox are back on the road again, where they're 7-4 this season. Compare that to their 5-9 record at home, and let's hope they never return, and that the National League wins the All Star Game.

In even better news, Jake Peavy is starting for the Sox tonight. In best news, Justin Verlander isn't starting for Detroit, and he won't be at any point this weekend.

Today's bet: White Sox Even
Total: $99.01

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  1. After hearing the Sale news, I couldn't give less of a fuck about the game tonight. The team on the big level level is average/mediocre at best, and they have the worst farm system in recent memory. If Sale doesn't develop into the #1 starter we all hoped he would, this team has the worst future in baseball. I can't envision a scenario where this isn't a 100 loss team 3-4 years from now.


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