Friday, May 4, 2012

Chris Sale Is The New Closer?

Good news! We finally know who the closer is after the question popped up again last week following another blown save from Hector Santiago and Matt Thornton closing a win against Boston on Sunday.

The bad news is that the decision is wholly baffling.

Apparently the Chris Sale As Starter Experiment is going so damn well that the White Sox are making him their new closer.

The news hit Twitter this afternoon.

Mark Gonzalez tweeted that Sale would be available to close on Monday.

As for how long this is going to last, I have no idea. The Sox say that Sale isn't hurt, yet they then say that they don't want to risk his future.

So is he hurt or not? Are you just worried that by having him work so many innings as a starter, he'll get hurt? If that's the case, then why the hell did you make him a starter in the first place?

It seems getting an answer to a question can sometimes only lead to a lot more questions.

UPDATE: It seems this move is for the rest of the season. High fucking five.

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  1. Would it not make more sense to put Sale on the DL and make sure his elbow is fully healed? If it means getting back the guy who was throwing 97-98mph, I say yes.


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