Friday, May 18, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 6

Good news, everybody. I didn't forget to do the rankings this week. While there aren't many big changes, and the Texas Rangers are still on top, there has been shuffling behind them.

So let's just get to the rankings.

1. Texas Rangers (24-15): The Rangers went 3-4 this week allowing the rest of the league to catch up ever so slightly, but they still lead the AL in just about everything that helps you win baseball games. (1)

2. Tampa Bay Rays (24-15): The Rays have the same record as the Rangers, yet aren't even in first place in their own division. That being said, statistically, they're slightly better overall than the team they're currently chasing. (5)

3. Baltimore Orioles (25-14): We all knew that the Orioles would have the best record in the American League on May 18, right? This was common knowledge? The Orioles continue to surprise thanks to strong pitching and home runs galore. They say you don't really know what a team is until June, and the Orioles only have a few more games to go before we can officially say they're for real. (2)

4. Toronto Blue Jays (21-18): That's right, we have three AL East teams in the top four and none of them are the Red Sox or Yankees. If the season ended right now all three of these teams would be in the playoffs. Strange days. (4)

5. Cleveland Indians (22-16): The fifth team to make the playoffs would be the Indians, who are all too happy to see the Detroit Tigers struggling, as it's allowed them to build a pretty nice lead in what we already knew would be a weak AL Central. (7)

6. New York Yankees (20-18): This is the furthest down the Yankees have been in the rankings all season, but truth be told they're only a few wins away from climbing to the top three. I have a feeling they'll get back there before the season is done. (3)

7. Boston Red Sox (18-20): The Red Sox seemed to get things turned around this week, going 6-1. As a result they've climbed up the rankings to become the best losing team in the league. Congratulations, Boston! (10)

8. Chicago White Sox (18-21): The White Sox continue to hang out in the middle of the rankings thanks to strong pitching and above average defense. If this team could actually start hitting with any kind of consistency, it might make a playoff push. (6)

9. Detroit Tigers (18-20): The Tigers can hit. We know this. What they can't do all that well right now is pitch and play defense. Which is why they're only 18-20 on the season and why they're behind the White Sox in these rankings despite being a half-game ahead of them in the standings. (8)

10. Oakland Athletics (20-19): The Athletics may be over .500 on the year, but they've got a run differential of -12 and haven't exactly been great at anything. The truth is if they weren't playing in the AL West where it's the Rangers and nobody else right now, their record wouldn't be as nice. (12)

11. Los Angeles Angels (17-22): After climbing to ninth last week  the Angels went 3-4 and drop back down to eleventh. It's not all bad news, though, as Albert Pujols may have finally woken up after hitting home runs in back-to-back games against the White Sox. You're welcome, Angels. (9)

12. Seattle Mariners (16-24): It's the same old story for the Mariners this season. They've got decent enough pitching behind Felix Hernandez, but there's just no power in this lineup and the offense has a tough time scoring runs. (11)

13. Kansas City Royals (15-22): It sure would be nice if Eric Hosmer started hitting like the Eric Hosmer we saw last season, wouldn't it? Well, it'd be nice for the Royals anyway. As a Sox fan I'm fine with him continuing to flounder. (13)

14. Minnesota Twins (12-26): My god this team is just terrible. We're only halfway through May and they've already been outscored by 65 runs. Sure, they'll still beat the White Sox over half the time, but that won't be much solace when they lose more than 100 games. (14)

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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