Friday, May 11, 2012

American League Power Rankings: Week 5

Some of you close observers may be wondering to yourselves "where were the Week 4 power rankings?" Well, I wish I had some kind of amazing excuse to offer you for not doing the power rankings last week, but the truth is I just forgot.

I didn't forget this week, though! And even with the week off, just know that the Texas Rangers would still have been miles ahead of everybody else last week too.

1. Texas Rangers (21-11): Honestly, the way things are going this season, I should rank the Rangers first and then rank Josh Hamilton by himself at second. Then, after considering some other Rangers first, I could rank another team. (1)

2. Baltimore Orioles (20-12): The surprise of the first five weeks continues to be the Baltimore Orioles. I'm waiting for this team to start drifting back toward the middle, but it just hasn't happened so far. The offense has been solid, and the pitching has been great. If it continues to work that way then the Orioles aren't going anywhere. (3)

3. New York Yankees (17-14): The Yankees record is somewhat mediocre so far this season, but their offense is what is keeping them this high in the rankings. It certainly isn't the pitching staff which has lost both Michael Pineda and Mariano Rivera for the season since we last did these rankings. (4)

4. Toronto Blue Jays (18-14): Are you starting to notice a trend here yet? Much like the Yankees, Toronto's record isn't all that amazing, and while their offense isn't close to the Yankees, the pitching is worlds better. Another factor contributing to Toronto being ranked this high is they have the second best run-differential in the league at +23. (6)

5. Tampa Bay Rays (20-12): If you haven't noticed the trend yet, here it is. It's the Texas Rangers and then the AL East. The Rays are actually tied for first in the AL East, but they finish behind the Yankees and Blue Jays because, even though their numbers are pretty good, Toronto and New York's are better. The only thing Tampa has done better than either is win games, and what the hell does that matter? (2)

6. Chicago White Sox (15-17): There's only one reason the White Sox are here ahead of either Cleveland or Detroit, and that is the way this team has been pitching. That and the Sox have a better run differential than either team as well. Why, if the offense could start doing anything on a consistent basis, the Sox might have four-game lead on everybody in the division. (5)

7. Cleveland Indians (18-13): The Indians are a weird team. They're 18-13 and in first place in the AL Central, but the truth is, they really don't do anything that well. I mean, they're five games over .500, yet they've given up the same amount of runs that they've scored. They don't hit for a lot of power, and the pitching has been pretty mediocre. All of these things say that this is a team that should regress in coming weeks, but they'll probably just end up winning 100 games because that's the AL Central. (7)

8. Detroit Tigers (16-15): Does anybody actually think the Tigers aren't the best team in the AL Central? I know I do, but they just aren't playing like it right now. The offense has been average, as has been the pitching. Getting Doug Fister back should help. (9)

9. Los Angeles Angels (14-18): The Angels are finally starting to turn things around a bit, winning 7 of their last 10 games. Statistically their pitching has been some of the best in the league, as long as it's not Ervin Santana, and if Albert Pujols stops going all Adam Dunn 2k11 on us, the offense should come around too. (13)

10. Boston Red Sox (12-19): It's still too early to write off the Red Sox considering the talent this team has on its roster, but with every week that goes by you can't help but wonder if this just isn't the team that Boston is. Particularly when you look at the rest of the AL East. I'm just not sure the Red Sox get themselves out of this hole. (11)

11. Seattle Mariners (15-18): The Mariners aren't really good at anything save for beating Detroit. So it's a good thing Seattle's been able to play Detroit six times already this season or they'd probably be lower. (10)

12. Oakland Athletics (16-16): Somehow, some way, the Oakland Athletics have managed to be .500 in spite of the fact that they're just not very good. The pitching has been pretty good, but everything else is wholly forgettable. They're not going to be .500 for long. (8)

13. Kansas City Royals (11-19): The Royals offense actually hasn't been all that bad this season. They actually get on base and hit for some power, but they just can't put any damn runs across the plate. Combine an inability to score with an inability to keep opponents from scoring, and this is what you get. (12)

14. Minnesota Twins (8-23): There really just isn't much to say here. The Twins are just bad. Really, really, really bad. I don't know if they're 40-162 bad like they're currently playing, but I don't know that they're much better either.

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