Wednesday, April 18, 2012

White Sox 8 Orioles 1: That's More Like It

All spring Jake Peavy made a habit of saying he's as healthy as he can be. Well, if this is Jake Peavy at his healthiest, can we please encase him in bubble wrap and only let him out until it's his turn to pitch again?

Through three starts Peavy has now pitched 19.2 innings, allowing only 5 runs while striking out 21 batters and only walking 2.

Peavy wasn't dominant in the same sense that the Cy Young version of Peavy used to be, but the Orioles had no chance against him on Wednesday night. He was throwing first pitch and second pitch strikes, using both sides of the plate, and getting excellent movement on his changeup.

It was a thing of beauty.

Then there was the offense which managed to put 8 runs on the board, and we even got two hits from Gordon Beckham, and an RBI. Sure, the two hits were both courtesy of a bad Orioles infield, but they still show up as hits in the box score.

Then there was Adam Dunn, who walked three times and doubled down the left field line with the bases loaded to break this game wide open in the sixth inning.

As for Brent about the rest of that White Sox offense!? Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham contributed!

Mix in A.J. Pierzynski continuing to mash like the second coming of Babe Ruth, and this one was pretty easy.

Of course, it wasn't just pitching and offense. Alexei Ramirez put together an entire Gold Glove highlight reel tonight, going to his left twice and right once on three spectacular plays.

We'll glance past Alexei's error because the ball was hit right at him, and what's the fun in cleanly fielding balls that are hit right at you?

Now, if we can go back to Brent Morel for a moment, there may actually be some good news to come of his night. Yes, Brent went 0-for-5 with 3 more strikeouts, but before Dunn's bases loaded double, the Orioles intentionally walked Alejandro De Aza to get to Morel.

Morel responded by striking out all too predictably. If seeing the opposing team walk your lead-off hitter to load the bases with one out so it can face your two-hitter isn't a big enough clue to Robin Ventura that he should reconsider Morel's place in the lineup, then I don't know what is.

Hopefully Ventura picked up on it and makes the change for tomorrow afternoon's game as the Sox look to salvage a split in this series and finish their first homestand of the season with a winning record.



  1. Adam Dunn with a bases clearing double to left field off a lefty. Did he do that once last year?

    1. A bases clearing double off a lefty? No. But of the whopping 6 hits that Adam had in 115 plate appearances against lefties last season, Adam did manage a double. And he also had 3 RBI.

      So on Wednesday night, Dunn had as many extra base hits and RBI off a lefthander in one swing that he did in the entire 2011 season.


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