Friday, April 13, 2012

White Sox 5 Tigers 2: Run, Paulie, Run!

There was a whole lot to like in this game from a White Sox perspective. Whether it was Jake Peavy dominating the Tigers lineup for over six innings, Dayan Viciedo flashing both his bat and glove, or Alexei Ramirez continuing to be a Gold Glove shortstop without an actual Gold Glove to show for it.

But, in it all, there was one moment that I may never forget.

It was the sixth inning and the White Sox were ahead 2-0 following a single by Paul Konerko to bring home Alejandro De Aza. And then A.J. Pierzynski lined a ball down the right field line, and Konerko took off on the journey of a lifetime.

Paulie Wheels hit the nitrous and flew around the bases before sliding into home for the third run. Yeah, he was probably out according to the replay, but not even Adrian Johnson could deny Paul Konerko for his superhuman performance on this play.

Now, it's against MLB policy to post video from games, so this will likely be taken down soon and you better watch the video of the play while you still can.

Look at that speed! Okay, so you can see the actual video here.

Seriously, though, the true highlights of today's game to me were Dayan Viciedo's diving catch and the beautiful play by Alexei Ramirez to start a double play and get the White Sox out of a hell of a lot of trouble.

And while this win is fantastic, it's still just one win over the Tigers with a lot of baseball left to be played. There's also the fact that Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham combined for 7 strikeouts on the day -- the Sox had 15 as a team -- and have already begun hearing the boos.

Still, if Jake Peavy keeps pitching like he has in his first two starts for the duration of the season and the offense keeps finding a way to scratch some runs across between the strikeouts, this is a team that might just have a chance.

And even if it doesn't, this was still one of those fun wins we can hold onto.



  1. Pretty sure replays confirmed Paulie was safe.

    1. Actually, the one angle from behind the plate showed pretty conclusively that he was out. Even Hawk and Stone agreed.

  2. Certain replays confirmed Paulie was slow.

  3. Great home opener. The crowd was loud and into the game. Timely hitting, good starting pitching and some great D by the Sox. Sure is nice not to have to deal with Ozzie's BS anymore.


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