Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's Up, First Place?: White Sox 5 Tigers 1

The fact that the White Sox are in first place on April 14th means absolutely nothing right now. Sure, it's fun to say, and it's really nice to see this team win four straight games including two in a row against the Tigers.

But first place means nothing at the moment.

Now, come October, when we're looking back at the season and say "the Sox took over first place halfway through April and never looked back en route to a World Series title," then it will mean a lot more.

Which is what's going to happen, right?

This team is going to win the World Series?

Too early to tell?

Fine. Be a dick about it.

Seriously, though, I don't think I've felt this good about a White Sox team in April since 2005. Now I'm not actually saying that I think this team is going to win the World Series, or even its division, but what I am saying is that I'm actually enjoying watching this team play baseball.

A feeling that I don't think any White Sox fan has had enough of the last few seasons.

Hell, even Steve Stone mentioned it during the telecast, saying that there was just a feeling from this team that they were the best team on the field on any given day. When Hawk says that kind of thing, you just brush it off, but when Stone says it, you kind of agree with him.

There's just that energy surrounding this team through the first seven games that is proving to be infectious. The offense hasn't been great, but it's getting the hits when it needs them. Sometimes the pitching has been fantastic (Peavy yesterday), and other times it's been a bit off (today for Gavin Floyd), but it's gotten the outs when it needs them.

I have no idea where this season is going to go from here. None of us do. But, at this point, I'm a lot more confident that I'm going to enjoy finding out.

If somebody had offered me that chance over the winter, I'd have taken it. And I'm going to take it now too.


  1. I thought it was a pretty spectacular performance by Gavin Floyd standards. Sure he was a bit wild, but he never lost confidence in his pitches and managed to get himself out of his messes. 3 hits and no runs through 6 innings against the Tigers is FAR from "a bit off".

    1. The 3 walks and 2 hit batters also came into play.

    2. Oh he was wild, no doubt. But the fact that he got out of his troubles is a lot more than I've come to expect from Floyd.

  2. 3 runs in 2 games for the "unstopable' Detroit murdrers row. dominant pitching, timely hitting and good defense will shut alot of powerhouse teams down. Good job Sox !!!


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