Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Week 2 Pitchers Power Poll: Not Even A Perfecto Can Knock Peavy Off His Perch

While Phil Humber may have had the best game of the week from any White Sox pitcher, it appears that one perfect game is not quite enough to overtake four wonderful starts from Jake Peavy.

Not only is Peavy still on top of the leaderboard after two weeks, but he also scored more points than any other pitcher on the team.

Though Humber did make the big jump up to second, even though he has at least one less start than everybody else on the staff, and two less than both Peavy and Danks. So should he throw another perfect game against Boston, he might just jump into first.

No pressure!

1Jake Peavy 54 1 32
2Phil Humber 29 8 21
3Chris Sale 28 4 14
4John Danks 24 5 13
5Gavin Floyd 19 2 4
5Matt Thornton 19 24
7Addison Reed 18 79
8Jesse Crain 16 6 6
9Hector Santiago  14 8 6
10Nathan Jones 7 12 7
11Zach Stewart 4 10 2
12Will Ohman 2 10 0

Now, even though Gavin Floyd and John Danks haven't pitched all that well, they're still above members of the bullpen based solely on the number of innings they've worked. Frankly, if at any point this season one of our five starters falls below a member of the bullpen, well, that won't be a good thing.

Which is what's worrisome about Gavin Floyd's standing right now. Gavin picked up only 4 points this week, and though he's got three starts under his belt, he still only has as many points as Matt Thornton.

That has to change.

Last week's rankings can be found here.

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