Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 1 Pitchers Power Poll: Bulldog Your Way To The Top

After debuting the first Hitters Power Poll of the season earlier today, it's now time for the Pitchers Power Poll.

And, as I'm sure we were all expecting before the season started, Jake Peavy is on top. And you don't even get extra points for injuries, or bulldogging, or getting drunk in Wrigleyville with fat topless guys or anything! He did it all on merit!

Here's the list.
1Jake Peavy 22 NA NA
2Gavin Floyd 15 NA NA
2Matt Thornton 15 NA NA
4Chris Sale 14 NA NA
5John Danks 11 NA NA
6Jesse Crain 10 NANA
7Addison Reed 9 NANA
8Hector Santiago 8 NA NA
8Phil Humber 8 NA NA
10Zach Stewart 2 NA NA
10Will Ohman 2 NA NA
12Nate Jones  0 NA NA

As you can see, the scoring for pitchers doesn't equate to the same amount of points for hitters, which makes Peavy's seven-point lead over Gavin Floyd that much more impressive. Then there's Matt Thornton who has been the best arm out of the bullpen so far this season, in what had been a pretty impressive bullpen before Monday night.

Still, while it's nice to see Peavy at the top of the list, if the White Sox want to have a real shot this season, we're going to need to see Chris Sale and John Danks climbing the ladder.

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