Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tigers 5 White Sox 2: Put The Brooms Away

While it would have been nice to finish off a sweep of the Tigers this weekend, I find it hard to complain about taking two of three from what is supposed to be the best team in the division. I also found a lot to be happy about in this game, despite the final score.

While watching the game, I couldn't help but feel like that if the same game were being played last season, it's a game we lose 10-2.

God knows there were plenty of opportunities for the Tigers to blow this one open and for the Sox to just roll over, but it didn't happen. Instead, despite never feeling like we were in the game, the Sox brought the tying run to the plate in both the eighth and ninth innings. They just couldn't get the final hit that they needed.

Of course, had it not been for a wonderful effort from Rick Porcello, the Sox may not have had to play from behind at all. While his offense was wasting opportunity after opportunity, Rick Porcello was making sure it wouldn't hurt his team.

The man was a strike throwing machine on Sunday afternoon. Some fans may complain that the Sox weren't being patient enough with Porcello, but it's hard to be patient when the guy keeps throwing strike one and strike two, keeping everything down in the zone.

His sinker was working to perfection, and the Sox kept hitting ground ball after ground ball, with Miguel Cabrera robbing us of a few hits.

Chris Sale looked fantastic in the first inning, but he was battling with hitters and the strike zone from then on. No, he didn't get a lot of help from Lance Barksdale behind the plate, but Barksdale wasn't helping anybody out today. Sometimes a pitch would be a ball and then the next pitch in the same spot would be a strike.

Either way, Sale didn't do himself a lot of favors either.

Then there was A.J. Pierzynski, who didn't do his pitchers many favors either. Two of Detroit's runs came on passed balls that Pierzynski could have done a much better job to either glove or keep in front of him. He didn't, and both hurt.

As for the offense, it's still not exactly potent. The good news, however, is that Adam Dunn had another two doubles this afternoon, giving him three doubles in the last two games at The Cell.

Adam had two doubles at home all of last season.

Also, the second double likely would have been a home run on any other day, but the wind was being an asshole this afternoon. Just ask Alejandro De Aza.

At the end of the day, though, the Sox are still 5-3 after eight games, and I'll take that pace for the entire season if we can get it. Baltimore comes to town next, and the Orioles have lost four of their last six. Let's help them continue on their path to the bottom of the AL East.


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