Monday, April 30, 2012

Sox And Cubs Could Play A Lot Less In The Future

In a few weeks the White Sox will travel to Wrigley Field to play three games against the Cubs, and in June the Cubs will come to The Cell to do the same. This is nothing new, as it's been happening for years.

Though it may not be happening that way in the future.

Next year the Houston Astros will be switching from the NL Central to the AL West and both leagues will have 15 teams. That means that throughout the entire season there will be at least one interleague series taking place at all times.

Figuring out that schedule is going to be a headache for MLB, and it's a headache they're already working on. According to an ESPN report, it also means that we may be seeing the end of six games between the White Sox and Cubs every season.
With the Houston Astros moving to the American League West next season and the leagues becoming balanced at 15 teams apiece, natural rivals throughout baseball no longer will be guaranteed six games a season and home-and-home series, the sources said. 
That goes for obvious inner-city rivals such as Mets-Yankees and Cubs-White Sox, as well as for more-forced natural rivals such as the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners. 
The Mets and Yankees will continue to play six games a season -- three apiece at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium -- when the AL East and NL East line up for interleague play every three years.
And to be totally honest, this would be perfectly fine with me. I don't enjoy the games between these two teams nearly as much as I used to. Simply put, the novelty has worn off, and the attention paid to the six games -- of 162 played -- before, during and after, is somewhat suffocating.


  1. Sox v Cubs isn't a rivalry, it's a marketing ploy. Going from 6 to 3 games a year would make the series...checks math...200 hundred thousand times more important.

    Truth be told the Sox probably hate this idea since they're gonna lose 3 weeknight games in which they actually draw 35K+ paying 100$ a seat in the lower bowl as opposed to usual June weeknights when they draw 20K paying 40$.

    1. It is very much a rivalry, rivalries are determined mainly by geography. Problem is the Cubs have sucked for so long that it starts to wear off. Do you think that the games between the Twins this year are going to be as intense? Hell no.

      I am fine with this though. They will become a bigger deal to me when they are rare and consist more then "average to above average team takes on terrible team with dumb fans"


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