Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red Sox 10 White Sox 3: Imperfection

This was not a pretty game for the White Sox, and there wasn't much about it to be happy about. That said, I'll take this kind of loss over the kind we experienced on Wednesday.

A quick, clean death is always preferable to hours of torture.

And that quick, clean death is exactly what Kevin Youkilis provided with his grand slam in the third inning.

Phil Humber had a terrible night. Basically the exact opposite of his perfect game. He allowed a career high 9 runs in only 5 innings of work and he wouldn't have lasted as long as he did if not for a shortage of arms in the bullpen with Jesse Crain's oblique and Matt Thornton just needing a day off.

As terrible as Humber's night was, I can't say it was unexpected. Historically pitchers have had pretty mediocre to terrible games following perfect games, and when you consider that Humber has done everything from being on Letterman to seeing his child born in the last five days, it's not hard to have seen this coming.

Particularly against a Red Sox offense that, for all its early problems and injuries, is not a pushover.

As for positives to take away from this one, there aren't many, but at least Dayan Viciedo was able to get two hits, including his third home run of the season.

Other than that, however, not much to be happy about.

Hopefully Jake Peavy can do what a staff ace is supposed to do, and what he did in his outing against Baltimore, by ending this losing streak on Friday.



  1. Isn't Danks pitching tonite?

  2. You're right. Was getting ahead of myself.

    So hopefully Peavy can end the 4-game losing streak on Saturday?


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