Friday, April 27, 2012

Red Sox 10 White Sox 3: Danksy Gonna Danks

I watched this game on the DVR tonight and things were going perfectly well until the sixth inning, and that's when the fast forward button started getting a lot of work. Frankly, it's games like this that are the ones you want to watch on the DVR, because watching it live is a lot less fun.

Things started out well enough. Sure, John Danks gave up the two-run homer to David Ortiz in the second inning, but that's going to happen. He wasn't giving up a lot of hits, and didn't look terrible at all.

Then Paul Konerko hit a home run on a 3-0 count in the fifth inning to give the Sox a 3-2 lead, and there was so much happy flowing through my veins.

But then the sixth inning came. The inning where John Danks decides it's time to start playing with matches, running with scissors and sticking forks in electrical sockets.

It was the sixth inning we've seen time and time again through John Danks' career. Suddenly it was 7-3 Red Sox and I knew it was over. So I just started fast forwarding through the final innings of this one.

Somewhere in the high-speed blur of a baseball game the Red Sox scored three more runs and the White Sox went down flailing faster than usual.

We're now 10-10 on the season, and 3-6 at home. It's starting to feel like last April all over again. Not to the same degree, mind you, but the good feeling I had through the first two and a half weeks of the year is evaporating quickly.

Four-game losing streaks will do that to you.

I just hope I don't want to fast forward through the rest of the season come the end of May.


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  1. Where does the 10-10 record for peavy come from? He is 3-0 this season.


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