Sunday, April 8, 2012

Rangers 5 White Sox 0: Easter Sunday Easter Egg

Did you know that the Rangers can hit home runs? Because they can, and they did on Sunday night.

David Murphy started things off in the third inning by destroying a belt-high changeup, Adrian Beltre followed that up in the fourth by hitting by taking a 3-2 changeup that caught a bit too much of the plate and driving it 400 feet over the right center wall, and then there was Josh Hamilton.

Hamilton hit a high fastball, or possibly a cutter, that was just above the belt and right over the middle of the plate and hit it 440 feet.

Gavin Floyd did not have a terrible night, but it wasn't a very good night either. He missed on a lot of pitches, but all but those three I mentioned above were usually such bad misses that the Rangers never even bothered with them. Unfortunately for Gavin and the White Sox, the Rangers lineup is one that will make you pay for just about every mistake you leave over the plate.

As for the White Sox offense, yeah, there wasn't much to like on the night. I did enjoy that the Sox worked enough counts that even though Matt Harrison allowed only 4 hits and no runs in his 6 innings, he did have to throw 103 pitches. If I've noticed anything this first weekend it's that, as a whole, the lineup seems a lot more patient at the plate this season than we've seen in years past.

Unfortunately that patience hasn't resulted in a lot of hits, or more importantly, big hits. Just like on opening day, the White Sox went 0-for-7 with runners in scoring position, and they had a lot of opportunities to make this a game.

To end on a positive note, there are some encouraging signs. Nathan Jones made his MLB debut, and after walking the first two hitters he faced, he induced a double play and then struck out Josh Hamilton to end it.

And, through three games, the White Sox bullpen has contributed seven scoreless innings. So, see? Some things went well this weekend. It's just most of it had little to do with the offense.


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