Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Orioles 3 White Sox 2: Two Bad Pitches And Three Straight Losses

Really starting to not like this guy
Early in this game, before I went on a Blackhawks detour, I asked a question on Twitter that was meant as a joke, but as with any good joke, it was based in reality.

Who would score more on Tuesday night? The Blackhawks or the White Sox?

As it turned out, neither, as both would end up with a two on the scoreboard as their opponent finished with three. Really, considering that the Sox were facing a soft-tossing lefty with the name Chen on the back of his jersey, two runs is two more than any of us probably should have been expecting.

But A.J. Pierzynski is swinging the bat so well right now that not even The Curse Of Cy Chen can stop him. Sadly, pitchers named Chen or anything else are having all too easy of a time stopping the White Sox offense so far this season.

Through ten games, the White Sox have managed to score only 38 runs, with 10 of those coming in one game against Cleveland. Of those 38 runs, 25 have been driven home by Pierzynski, Paul Konerko and Alejandro De Aza.

When two-thirds of your offense is coming from one-third of your lineup, that leaves a lot of open space for a pitcher to work around.

So far Robin Ventura has showed a resistance to making any changes to his lineup, and while I can understand the thought process behind it considering we're only ten games into the season, I'm also not sure riding it out and hoping for the best is the right thing to do either.

We've seen this team try and ride April out too many times the last few years, only to have to shoot the poor horse before May shows up.

Which means it may be time to move Morel and Adam Dunn down in the order. At least until either starts showing signs of life with their bat. As ridiculous as it should sound, I'd be more than happy with Alexei taking the second spot for now, followed by Konerko,  and then Pierzynski in the clean up spot. Follow A.J. with Viciedo and Dunn.

I mean, there's no harm in trying, right?

As for tonight's game, I'd feel bad for John Danks, but you have to figure he's used to it by now. Pitches a fantastic game, makes two bad pitches, and loses the game because his offense doesn't do him any favors.

That damn sixth inning. It just finds a way to bite Danks in the ass seemingly every time.

Before this series started I said it was one that the Sox should take at least three out of four in, but now the best we can hope for is a split. Let's hope the Sox get the first one tomorrow, because I know I like being over .500 a hell of a lot more than I like being below it.


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