Monday, April 9, 2012

One 2011 Demon Still Haunted Opening Weekend

We're only three games into the 2012 season, so it's way too early to get overly concerned about anything, or overly optimistic. That being said, there has been one aspect of the White Sox this season that has me a little worried because, three games or not, it's a problem that was around throughout the entire 2011 season as well.

No doubt, the highlight of the year so far is Alex Rios' home run on Saturday night against Joe Nathan. It gave us our only win of the opening series, but it was also a reflection of what the problem was.

It was a big hit, but it was a big hit that came without anybody on base.

In 2011 the White Sox hit .239 as a team with runners in scoring position. Through the first three games of 2012, the Sox are hitting .105 (2-for-19). Take Paul Konerko out of the equation, and the White Sox are 0-for-16.

Yes, that's right, the only two hits the White Sox have had with a runner in scoring position were Konerko's two-run double and single on Saturday night that drove in the first three runs of that game.

In every other situation the Sox have come up with nothing. They went 0-for-7 on Friday, 2-for-4 on Saturday, and 0-for-8 on Sunday.

As I've already said, it's way too early to get worried about this, and I'm not saying this is a problem yet. It's just that with the struggles of 2011 in this department I can't help but feel a little, shall we say, wary.

I'm suffering from some kind of post-traumatic clutch disorder. I'd like the White Sox to help me deal with these demons.

We already know that Konerko can drive in the big runs when this team needs them, he always has, but who else is going to step up?

Whoever it is, I hope they start today.


  1. Well said. I'd say the team looks and feels somewhat better (or at least different) than last year, but the results on paper and on the field are the same. Good enough starting pitching, very sharp relief work, and dogshit situational hitting. I realize its 3 games, but they're averaging 2.3 runs a game, which is what they were doing April last year. Yes, they were playing one of the best teams in MLB, but they were playing a team known for their offense, not their pitching. I thought this before the season, but it was bore out this weekend: were gonna lose alot of low scoring games.

  2. Also, the Rangers don't have port-a-potties in their parking lots. WHAT THE FUCK?


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