Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Game #5: White Sox at Indians

WHITE SOX 2-2 John Danks 0-1 4.50 ERA 11:05AM CT
INDIANS 1-3 Justin Masterson 0-0 1.13 ERA

Well, this game is scheduled to be played this morning, but will they actually get it in? Looking at the weather forecast for Cleveland as I write this early Wednesday morning, it's calling for more snow and rain and cold. Have to think they'll do what they can to get it in because you don't want two games to make up less than a week into the season, but it's also getaway day for both teams.

TODAY'S BET: White Sox +128
TOTAL: $100.65

1 comment:

  1. Every Friday night is a snow storm for Not Hawk, so why let it spoil a little baseball?

    What's tomorrow supposed to be like? Can they delay today's game until tomorrow?


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