Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Athletics 2 White Sox 0: Damn Soft-Tossing Lefties

As I said in the pregame post, this game had all the makings of a contest in which the White Sox would struggle to score runs. My question was whether or not Gavin Floyd would finally get his act together and keep the reins on a weak-hitting Oakland offense.

Gavin did his job, that's for sure, but those two runs I thought the offense would have to scratch out proved to be two more than they were capable of. As a result, Floyd pitches his best game of the season and gets a loss for the effort.

Baseball can be a real asshole.

I was somewhat worried about Robin leaving Gavin in for the eighth inning, and when Floyd led the inning off with a walk, those fears were realized. Of course that walk came around to score what would be the winning run, but I'm not going to blame Ventura for this, Matt Thornton, and definitely not Floyd.

The fact of the matter is if the White Sox offense, which was chock full of righties Tuesday night, could have managed more than three singles off a guy with an 87MPH fastball, it wouldn't have mattered.

All that said, it's hard to be upset. It's the first loss of the road trip, and a 5-1 trip is well within reach tomorrow afternoon.

Can't ask for much more than that, can we? Throw in the fact that we're still tied for first place in the division after Detroit lost to Seattle, and the fact is there isn't much we can be upset about right now.

It was just a loss. An incredibly boring loss. The regular lineup will be back out there tomorrow, save for maybe an Eduardo Escobar appearance and possibly Viciedo -- 1 for his last 22, with that hit being a gift on what should have been ruled an error -- getting the day off to face Jarrod Parker in his first start with the A's this season.

Considering Chris Sale starts for the Sox, one run may be all we need to get the job done.


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