Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Training Game #9: Athletics 9 White Sox 4

Okay, so it seems like we've got this whole losing thing down pat. Maybe we should move on to winning.

Nothing beats a well-rounded team!

  • Another bad outing from Peavy. Though as I said after his first start this spring, the only thing I care about when it comes to Jake is that he leaves intact. Though Peavy did provide a bit of a scare when he was removed from the game early, but it was only because he'd reached his pitch count. Peavy's final line: 2.1 IP, 8 hits, 6 runs, 2 walks and a strikeout. Woof.
  • At least the "bullpen" pitched well. Outside of Peavy and Deunte Heath, Sox pitchers allowed only 1 run and 7 hits in 7 innings of work. Though Nathan Jones was the only one with a perfect inning.
  • Alex Rios finally got some results. The new approach paid off as Rios went 2-for-2 with a walk and an RBI. 
  • Dayan Viciedo is becoming a bit of a worry. The Tank went 0-for-3 Monday with another 2 strikeouts and saw his average dip to .188 this spring. Still plenty of time for him to get things together, but if you were hoping Viciedo would come out of the gate as a big run producer this season, you may want to temper those expectations.
  • There is hope in the farm system. No matter what the scouts say, seeing Jared Mitchell and Trayce Thompson in action this spring, the potential behind both is glaringly obvious. Thompson went 2-for-2 with a double on Monday and also threw a runner out at the plate. It even prompted Baseball Prospectus' Kevin Goldstein to tweet that Trayce has "breakout potential.
  • White Sox players don't know how to use their hands when "acting." The Sox broke out some new commercials between innings with players shilling for folks to buy tickets and appreciate the game. In each one the players sat there with hands at their sides, motionless. Except for one man. Though you can't see them moving in the photo.


  1. I just discovered your blog via Reddit, and I'm loving it! Keep up the great work. I'm going into this season expecting a lot of losses, and I'm ok with that so long as Ventura builds up steam as the season goes. Hopefully he has a better knack than Ozzie for putting in the right players at the right time.

    1. Awesome, hope you keep reading.

      As for expecting all those losses, there's a reason we try not to take things too seriously here.


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