Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Training Game #4: White Sox 6 Rangers 3

The White Sox win the pennant! The White Sox win the pennant!

It only figures that the first game the White Sox win this spring -- that actually "counts" anyway -- is the first one that Sox fans couldn't watch via either or So while we were able to listen to the game thanks to the Rangers radio feed, we can't even be sure that the Sox actually won.

This could all just be some prank by Orson Welles, that son of a bitch. Just in case it wasn't, let's get to the important parts of today's win.

  • Adam Dunn rediscovers some bat speed. It's awesome that Adam Dunn went 2-for-3 with a home run, double and 4 RBI, but that's not what I care about. What is really promising about Dunn's production on Thursday was that both his home run and double came on 93MPH+ fastballs from Neftali Feliz. And he pulled both. With the home run coming on a 1-2 count. One of Dunn's biggest problems last season was his inability to get around on fastballs, and on Thursday he had no problem pulling two of the harder fastballs he'll see from any pitcher in the American League this season.
  • Gordon Beckham showed up too. Beckham took a hanging breaking ball from Michael Kirkman and crushed it for a two-run homer. Which is exactly what a big leaguer should do with a hanger, so not that big a deal, but it will only help Gordon's confidence.
  • Brent Morel is quietly having a good spring. South Side Asylum sponsors Brent Morel's Baseball Reference page and suddenly he's hitting .625 this spring after going 2-for-3 on Friday. Coincidence? Probably!
  • Hector Santiago helped himself out. If Santiago wants to make the roster, performances like Friday's will help. Santiago got the start and allowed only 2 hits and no runs in his 2 innings, while striking out 3. Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz were two of his victims.
  • It's not all good news. Brandon Short dislocated his shoulder running into the wall in centerfield in the 8th inning. Brandon didn't have a chance to make the roster out of the spring, but depending on how bad the separation is, he may miss the rest of the spring and possibly even longer. Which is never a good thing.
  • That's really it. It's hard to analyze what you didn't see.

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