Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Training Game #17: White Sox 13 Mariners 8

The White Sox should play the Mariners every day. They're now 2-0 against them this spring, which means that 4 of the 6 wins we have this spring have come against the Mariners and Rangers.

Send us back to the AL West!!

  • King Felix ain't shit. It makes perfect sense in White Sox World that an offense which has struggled just about the entire spring would find a way to light up Felix Hernandez for 8 runs and 10 hits in 5 innings. 
  • Brent Lillibridge and Kosuke Fukudome keep doing things that make me wonder about Dayan Viciedo. Viciedo didn't play today after having a tooth pulled, and Lillibridge and Fukudome combined to go 4-for-8 with 3 doubles and 4 RBI. You can tell me you aren't sure about Fukudome defensively in left field all you want, but just realize that you aren't sure about Viciedo either.
  • Adam Dunn got to play in left field. And sadly there was no video of the game available for us to partake in the majesty of it all. Still, Dunn went 1-for-2 with 2 walks, which means his OBP was .750 WHICH MEANS THAT OH MY GOD IT WAS ALL BECAUSE HE WAS A DESIGNATED HITTER LAST SEASON!!!
  • Thanks for playing, Ryan Buch. The kid came on just to fill an inning and gave up 2 hits, 3 walks and 4 runs in a third of an inning. 
  • John Danks pitched well in the B game. If only it wasn't against the Mariners Triple-A team.

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