Sunday, March 4, 2012

Photo Christmas Is Here!

Now just pretend strike three is flying past you, Alex
Yes, it's one of my favorite indicators that baseball season is near: photo day. That day when baseball players have to act like Little Leaguers once again and pose for pictures that mom can buy and put on the fridge and give to random family members who then put them on the fridge as well.

You know, all that shit that would embarrass 12-year old you. So let's get to embarrassing our favorite White Sox players.

Give us player's manager, but one who won't take any shit!
Give me "I'm rich, but not confident!"
Here, have a bat.
LOL, my batting average was what!?
Show us your good arm, Jake
He may be Cuban, but damn it if Alexei didn't NAIL the classic Little League pose

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