Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Mariners Love Brent Lillibridge

You know what the Seattle Mariners have in common with White Sox fans? They love Brent Lillibridge. They see that little elf out there on the baseball field, waving his elf wand and making elf magic happen, and they think to themselves "we've got to get our hands on this elf."

Don't believe me? Seattle GM Jack Zduriencik told Jon Heyman all about it.


Now, what Zduriencik got wrong is the idea that there's no way the White Sox would trade Brent Lillibridge. Kenny Williams will trade anybody for anything if he's bored enough.

So if I'm Zduriencik, I'm getting on the phone right now and calling Kenny Williams to tell him that "I want Brent Lillibridge, and I'll give you Felix Hernandez for him." Kenny would probably do that deal.

Of course, Kenny would probably do Lillibridge for Chone Figgins too.

The point is that Zduriencik should make the call.

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