Tuesday, March 6, 2012

John Danks Will Be Your Opening Day Starter

John Danks and the Amazing Floating Ball
While it doesn't come as a surprise, even after his rough outing on Tuesday -- worst contract extension ever! -- all signs point to John Danks being the first White Sox pitcher not named Mark Buehrle to start on Opening Day in roughly 100 years.

While it was pretty much understood when Ventura set up his spring training rotation this was the plan, Robin made it about as official as he could following Danks' start on Tuesday.

"Right now, he is going to be that guy," said Ventura. "We'll move on from there, but I like him as that guy for right now. I'm not making it official. It could schedule out that way.

"It's not an official official."

You got that guys? It's not official official, it's just sort of official. It won't be official official until it's officially officialized by the Official Board Of Officials*. So until then you can be sure that John Danks will be starting that first game in Texas, just don't be officially sure.

*The Official Official Board of Major League Baseball

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