Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Jess Crain Remains In Limbo

For the most part, the White Sox have been lucky this spring when it comes to health. While Brandon Short's injury is terrible for him, as far as the White Sox roster is concerned, it's inconsequential.

Really the only concern is Jesse Crain's oblique, and while it's troubling, the Sox are still in a much better position than division rival Kansas City.

The Royals signed catcher Salvador Perez to an extension and then he immediately goes on the disabled list for a few months, and now Joakim Soria is staring down Tommy John surgery. So, obviously, things could be a lot worse.

Still, Crain's injury is a bit of a problem considering he's one of the most reliable arms the Sox had in the bullpen last season. After tweaking his oblique last week, the team seemed optimistic that it wouldn't keep him sidelined for all that long, but here we are a week later, and it doesn't sound like things are improving all that much.
Meanwhile, Jesse Crain said his right oblique feels marginally better but doesn't know when he will be able to throw off a mound. Crain played catch Tuesday but said he feels discomfort when throwing from a distance of 100 feet.
And now, with only a couple weeks of spring remaining before the real games start, Crain's availability for opening day is a question mark. Even if Crain's oblique allows him to start pitching within the next week, it's an injury that the Sox won't want to test by having Crain throw in a lot of games to get his arm ready for the season.

Which means that while Crain may be healthy by the time the Sox go to Arlington, there's no guarantee he'll be ready.

Which I suppose is good news for guys like Nathan Jones, as he continues to fight for a spot in the White Sox bullpen.

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  1. Adam Dunn's appendectomy was a minor injury at the start of last season that (with plenty of room for debate) sent the entire season down the shitter from the perspective that Dunn never regained his confidence after coming back from the injury and the team kinda went south with him.

    Not that Dunn's potential impact is the same as Crain's but a bullpen shuffling early in the season may have long-lasting unforeseen negative impact. Not saying that it will, just that it has the potential to. But when Adam Dunn finishes April with a BA of 0.030, no ones gonna care about Jesse Crain's oblique.


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