Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Gavin Floyd Trade Rumors Are Back

Now that spring training has actually begun, you'd think the trade rumors that had been surrounding the White Sox all winter would subside. You'd also be wrong.

Over the winter there were rumors involving Gavin Floyd being traded to teams like the Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays. Hell, according to one guy on Twitter WHO KNOWS GAVIN FLOYD'S OPTOMETRIST or something, Floyd was traded to the Blue Jays.

I have no idea if the Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo is related to Gavin Floyd in any way, but he did write that teams like the Blue Jays and Red Sox are still very much interested in Gavin.
He continues to be a focus of teams looking for one more starter. He could be in play for the Blue Jays or Red Sox. The White Sox don’t appear eager to move Floyd, but general manager Kenny Williams wouldn’t be shy if it brought him a decent bounty in return.
Now, at this point, I don't see Williams moving Floyd for anything that wouldn't be considered a steal. With spring training under way I think it's safe to say that Williams and the White Sox are in full "let's cross our fingers and see what happens" mode.

Maybe the team surprises and contends for the playoffs, or maybe the team is out of it come June, and then Williams starts moving guys like Gavin Floyd and A.J. Pierzynski before the trade deadline.

So while the Blue Jays and Red Sox may in fact be incredibly interested in Floyd, their odds of having him before the summer are somewhere between slim and none.

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