Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chuck Garfien Trolls Hard

You've no doubt seen the commercial for MLB The Show 12 that tries to imagine what Chicago would be like if the Cubs actually won the World Series.

Well, Chuck Garfien of CSN Chicago thought he should make an alternate version of the commercial. You know, one that features footage from a Chicago baseball team that actually won a real life World Series and didn't need the magic of video game graphics.

Troll on, Chuck. Troll on.

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  1. That was cool. BUT.... I guess my anger from the fact that the... no, let it go. They are a team with NO history and no championships in the last 100 years. We are better then them.

    Nah, I still hate them, all of them... every bit of them... every player, all the staff, that urine smelling ballpark, announcers, former announcers, dead announcers, fans... I hate them all... more than anything! But.... hey, we have a trophy, History doesn't lie and we are the real Chicago team.
    (breathe in, breathe out)


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