Friday, March 9, 2012

Brandon Short's Season Is Over

If you're an outfield prospect in the White Sox organization, I think it's about time you start avoiding walls at all costs. In 2010 it was a wall that tore up Jared Mitchell's ankle and knocked him out for a year, slowing down his progression, and now the outfield wall has claimed another victim.

Brandon Short dislocated his left shoulder colliding with the wall in Thursday's win over the Brewers, and it turns out that he's also torn the labrum in the same shoulder. Which means his year is done.

Which is craptastic news to say the least.

Short wasn't going to play in the Majors this season, but he's one of the few players the Sox have in their farm system who may actually be able to contribute to the team at some point in the future. This injury will cost Short an entire season of development, and also severely hinder his chances of one day playing in the majors.

So while it definitely isn't good news for the White Sox, it's worse news for Short. Hopefully he can recover from this and come back stronger than ever in 2013.

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