Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Can Forget About The Cuban Imports

If you missed the news Thursday night, it was announced that the Cubs had signed Cuban free agent Gerardo Concepcion. Concepcion is one of a trio of Cuban imports that a whole slew of teams, including the White Sox, are expected to bid for this month before spring training begins. The other two are Yoenis Cespedes and Jorge Soler.

This wasn't just bad news for Sox fans hoping the team would sign Concepcion, though. It was bad news for any Sox fan holding out hope that the Sox would sign any of these prospects.

Did you see the deal the Cubs gave Concepcion?

It's a multi-year deal worth $7 million, which, in contrast to other players, isn't exactly a lot of money. Even if we aren't sure how many years the deal is.

Still, Concepcion wasn't expected to get that much by most "experts". Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus tweeted as much on Thursday night.

Making matters worse, Concepcion will probably be the cheapest of the bunch, so who knows what this is going to do for the market of Soler or Cespedes.

Soler's contract could approach $20 million, with Cespedes' going even higher.

If you heard Kenny Williams talk about it at SoxFest last weekend, he made it somewhat clear that the White Sox don't really have any money left to throw around. If that's the case -- and given Kenny's tendency to be SUPER STEALTHY SECRET AGENT WILLIAMS, it might not be -- then there's no way in hell that the White Sox are going to get either Soler or Cespedes.

Which means you'd be best served to give up any delusions that the Sox are going to make any move to improve fan morale before getting to Arizona.

Just accept the fact that the team before you now will be the one you see in April.

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