Monday, February 13, 2012

The White Sox Were Never Serious Bidders For Cespedes

You may have thought that now that Yoenis Cespedes had signed with Oakland, I'd be done posting about him, but you were so very wrong, friend! For you see, I had made a habit the last few weeks of making sure you knew and understood that there was no way that the White Sox were going to be in the running for his services.

And since the case where it turns out I'm actually right about something is so rare, I need to pound my chest when that situation calls for it.

Thankfully, Daryl Van Schouwen confirmed in the Sun-Times what I believed all along.
The White Sox, who have a successful history of signing Cuban players, were one of several teams to inquire about Cuban free agent Yoenis Cespedes but their pursuit never reached a serious stage, sources indicated Monday. The price for an untested player at the major-league level was too high for a team that cut payroll and is the only one in baseball without a free-agent signing this offseason.

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