Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Sox Aren't Getting Much Money From Camelback Ranch

When the White Sox moved their spring training to the new Camelback Ranch along with the Dodgers in 2009 it was supposed to be a nice revenue boost for the team. For that first year, it was.

Since then, however, not so much.

According to the Los Angeles Times, profits for the White Sox and Dodgers have dropped 65% over the last two years.

With the current set up, the Dodgers and White Sox split the profits. It doesn't matter if a million Dodgers fans show up and only 10 Sox fans do, the two teams are getting an equal share.

In 2009 it was $2,162,047 that the teams divvied between themselves. In 2011 it was $759,017.

So the White Sox saw their share drop from more than $1 million to roughly $380K.

Or roughly 5 games of Alex Rios.

What truly sucks about the situation is that it's not the White Sox fault. Attendance at White Sox games has dropped, but only by an average of 2 fans per game (from 6,119 to 6,117). The Dodgers on the other hand have seen their average attendance drop from 9,130 in 2009 to 7,365 last spring.

In other words, the lost faith from Dodgers fans thanks to the whole McCourt saga is hurting the White Sox too.

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