Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On Sharing The Cell

All week there have been rumors circulating that the Cubs and White Sox may have to spend a season as roommates inside US Cellular Field. It's an idea that's being floated as the Cubs apparently try and consider their options should they decide to do a complete overhaul of Wrigley Field.

If the Cubs were to do that, obviously, they'd need a temporary home, with The Cell being brought up as a likely destination.

But would that work?

Throwing aside all the "Ewww I don't want to have to go there!" and "NOT IN MY HOUSE" from Cubs and Sox fans, logistically, would it even be possible?

First of all, playing 162 games in one stadium would be incredibly hard on the stadium itself. Yes, Carlos Quentin is gone, and that's roughly 50 less divots in the outfield, but the field will still take quite the beating.

Even then, however, I have faith in The Sodfather, Roger Bossard.

But what about scheduling?

For the most part, MLB works the schedule so that the Cubs and White Sox are never in town at the same time. Even so, I don't ever remember a year in which that was the case 100% of the time, and I'm not sure that it's mathematically possible.

For instance, in 2012, both the Cubs and White Sox will be playing home games in Chicago from August 9th through 15th and another August weekend, the 24th through 26th.

Does that mean there would be doubleheaders featuring four different teams at times during the season, with the Cubs playing their traditional 1:20 starts while the Sox would play at 7:10?

So even if the schedule makers could make it work, it'd still be a giant pain in the ass.

The biggest problem, though, is that, even with the scheduling headaches, where the hell else are the Cubs going to go? The Cell may be the only feasible option.

They can't play in a minor league stadium, and traveling to Milwaukee for every home game just isn't realistic and provides the same kind of scheduling headaches that exist at The Cell.

So maybe there's a chance the Cubs play at both Miller Park and The Cell for a season. Or maybe the Cubs just decide to renovate Wrigley bit by bit every offseason.

Or -- and this is the best idea yet -- MLB just forces the Cubs to play in Puerto Rico for a year like they did the Expos while getting Washington D.C. ready for the Nationals.

No? How about a traveling circus? There are Cubs fans all over the country, right? Let's give them all a chance to see the Cubs while paying homage to those barnstorming teams of old!

From a White Sox perspective, sharing The Cell could be worth it. If Jerry Reinsdorf worked a deal with the Cubs where they got to keep the gate receipts, but all concessions went to the White Sox, that's a nice bit of new revenue for the White Sox. Money that could be used to possibly speed up the rebuilding process that is headed our way.

I'd gladly take that trade off, even if it means I have to deal with some idiot in a Theriot shirsey from time to time.


  1. The Cubs could use the Fundamentals deck.

  2. Maybe they could use the lot across the street from Comiskey, home plate is still there set up a couple of bases & go. It's better then the band box they play in now.

    1. But then where will Sox fans play bags?


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