Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Marlins Have Made An Offer For Cespedes

I've given up any hope -- if you can even call it hope -- that the White Sox are going to sign Yoenis Cespedes, but I know some of you are still clinging to the possibility. So, because of that, I'll keep updating you on what the latest is with the Cuban free agent.

And that latest pretty much supports my stance on the situation. Word is that the Marlins have made a six-year offer to Cespedes, though the amount of money the Marlins have offered differs depending on whom you ask.

Cafe Fuerte's Eric Reynoso originally reported the offer saying that it was for six years and $40 million. Which is the type of offer that is probably too rich for the White Sox.

However, according to the Miami Herald's Clark Spencer, the deal is for less than $40 million. How much less, Spencer doesn't say. So it could be $20 million or it could be $39,999,999.99.

I'm guessing that unless it's the $20 million offer, the White Sox aren't going to be in the running.

But you can keep on fooling yourself if you so choose.

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