Monday, February 13, 2012

Keenyn Walker Scares White Sox Fans On Twitter

White Sox fans got some more bad news in a winter full of it on Monday when it was announced that Yoenis Cespedes had signed with the Oakland Athletics, to the surprise of just about everybody.

Well, the day got even better if you happen to follow Keenyn Walker, the first round draft pick of the White Sox in 2011. Seems Keenyn hurt his hip.

Here was his initial tweet that sent fear through White Sox fans.

Luckily, after seeing the reaction, Walker clarified things a bit.

He also tweeted to a follower later that it was nothing to worry about, and the hip pain was "just something that comes with getting older."

Keenyn is 21 years old.

Keenyn doesn't know what old is.

Walker, who hit .257/.335/.320 in his first season as a pro between Great Falls (Rookie ball) and Kannapolis (A ball) is ranked as the sixth best prospect in the White Sox system by both Baseball Prospectus and Baseball America.

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