Friday, February 17, 2012

Jayson Stark Says White Sox Are Least Improved AL Team

ESPN's Jayson Stark wrote his Spring Training preview -- can you believe we're less than a week away? -- on Friday, and the White Sox do get mentioned in it. So take that all you fools who thought losing Ozzie Guillen would make this team less "relevant."

Though it's not as if Stark has anything particularly nice to say about the White Sox. He only mentions them in the part chronicling the "Most Unimproved American League Teams."

Guess who came in first place?

Hey, it's first place somewhere, right?
It was no secret last summer that White Sox GM Kenny Williams couldn't wait to blow his under-performing roster to smithereens. But when he finally got his chance this winter, his peers in the industry had a tough time figuring out what his blueprint was. It was one thing to ship out Carlos Quentin and Jason Frasor. But hiring a manager (Robin Ventura) who not only has never managed a game, but who has basically been away from the sport for most of the past eight years? A head-scratcher. And dealing an effective, low-budget closer (Sergio Santos) for what most clubs regard as a second-tier prospect (RHP Nestor Molina)? Another puzzler. Here's just a sampling of the comments we got on this team's offseason: "They dumped without getting much in return. A mess." … "I don't know what they're doing. If they were trying to dump money, why'd they trade Santos? I just don't get it." … "Did they add a new bat boy or hot dog vendor so that they can at least make it seem that they are moving forward?" Get the picture? Youch!
It's never a good thing when your team is being mentioned in a category alongside the Orioles and Athletics, is it?

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