Monday, February 27, 2012

Jake Peavy Wants To Talk About Your Feelings

Is it just me or has Jake Peavy really taken it upon himself to talk about his teammates to the media lately? Not bad-mouthing anyone, per se, unless it's Ozzie Guillen, but he sure doesn't seem all that shy about getting in other people's business.

For instance, there's what he told Comcast's Chuck Garfien about Adam Dunn last season.

Peavy wants you to know that Adam and he are best friends, and when you're somebody's best friend, that means it's your duty to tell the whole world how they feel.

“I’m very close to Adam and his family. It takes a toll,” Peavy told Comcast SportsNet. “There’s nobody who feels worse than the player going through it. To watch his family kind of go through it with him I think was awfully tough. I think a lot of people don’t think about that. Our families are sitting up there right with the fans, and we understand there’s going to be heckling and talking, but when you’re in your own home ballpark and you’re trying as absolutely hard as you can, and you can’t get out of a funk, it’s tough to have to sit up there and your kids have to listen to people yell about their dad. It was painful. There’s no doubt.

“Adam sure will sugarcoat it. I’ve been through the same thing. We’ve all been there. And it was tough to watch, no doubt, but we hope that all that’s behind me, him, and Alex [Rios], and we can start with a fresh year in 2012.”

Now while this isn't really a big deal, the thing that stands out to me is that Peavy admits "Adam will sugarcoat it." Well, doesn't that tell you something, Jake?

Maybe there's a reason Dunn prefers to tell the public his struggles didn't bother him as much. Maybe he doesn't want them to know.

So the fact Peavy is airing it out is somewhat inconsiderate in my opinion. Not that it's going to cause any problems in the clubhouse, or lead to Dunn having another terrible season in 2012, but if I'm Dunn I'm probably a bit annoyed right now.

If Peavy wants to talk about struggles affecting anybody last season, it should be Peavy and nobody else.  God knows he had enough of them.

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