Thursday, February 16, 2012

Greg Walker: Soothsayer Of Doom

There's nobody in the world that can find a person willing to say negative things about the White Sox like my buddy Joe Cowley. The man is like a bloodhound searching for pessimism under every rock, in every secluded wooded area of the country. He can smell it from hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of miles away.

This time he picked up a scent all the way down in Atlanta.

Joe tracked down former White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker, who has a gift just like Mr. Cowley's. Except instead of smelling pessimism, he sees the doom...THE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.

‘‘You can dissect it any way you want, blame it on whoever you want, but it was not a positive situation for anyone involved,’’ Walker told Cowley about the state of the organization heading into the 2011 season. ‘‘We talked about it. There was a feeling in the clubhouse and the coaches’ office that we should have never been back for 2011. After 2010, it was obvious that the first sign of adversity was going to make things bad.

‘‘When it gets off track like it did and you have more going on than the normal team, it’s too hard to overcome. The atmosphere the past few years reached the point where winning baseball could no longer be played, no matter which players were brought in.’’

What if the Sox had brought in a player who was not only capable of winning the Triple Crown and winning 24 games as a starter, but was a relationship counselor as well? Could they have won then?

Bet you they could have.

Cowley also goes on to point out that even though Ozzie is gone, and so is Walker, that we shouldn't be too comfortable with the coaches who remain, along with Kenny Williams. Which I don't really buy.

Sorry, Joe.

Whether Don Cooper got along with Ozzie and Greg Walker or not, or whether Kenny was arguing with them as well, they're now no longer part of the equation. The people who remain got along with one another, so it's not as if they're going to butt heads.

I mean, is Kenny going to be angry at Don Cooper for snitching?

Also, is this fucking high school?

I'm sorry, I believe that the friction in this clubhouse no doubt played a role in the team's troubles last season, but not nearly as much as Adam Dunn's utter incompetence.

Not nearly as much as the holes in Gordon Beckham's swings, or the strange right angles in Alex Rios' path to a fly ball.

You ever notice how they only say teams have good chemistry when they're winning? I mean, you don't hear people saying "they have good chemistry, and those players really get along" about that team that went 60-102.

Losing is going to piss people off, and when people are pissed off, they're going to fight with all the other people who are pissed off around them.

It's not fucking rocket science.

The fact is had the White Sox ended April 18-10 last season rather than 10-18, and things probably would have gone a completely different direction.


  1. Funny you mention High School because Joe Cowley operates his entire life on the premise that high school never ended for him, and he still possesses the social skills of a 16 year trying to blend in with the cool kids, but that's not why you called...

    As far as 2011 goes, ALL of it was bad. GM, Manager, Coaches, Dunn, Rios, Beckham, etc. Could it have been salvaged? Maybe. Was it? No. Either way Walker is weak for trying to pull the "I told you so" card at this point.

    The good news is that the soap opera atmosphere appears to be gone. Bad news is the dead money/Dunn&Rios are still there, and there are no prospects on the horizon to get excited for.

    I really wish Kenny Williams would have been let go in addition to Ozzie quitting, and Uncle Jerry could have brought in someone who would build through the draft while they wait for the dead money to fall off the books.

    Instead we've got 1972 Home Jerseys every sunday to look forward to.

    1. Yeah, but at least the throwbacks are sweet, right?

  2. Oh no doubt they are sweet. I just hope they somehow manage to wear the 1972 Road uni's as well. LOL!


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