Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good News, Nobody's Dead

We're still a couple days away from White Sox camp officially opening in Glendale, and there really aren't a whole lot of reasons to be optimistic about the 2012 season. As has been documented here since last season ended, this is a franchise that's essentially in limbo right now.
Which is not only bad news for the team and fans, but for those people who are responsible for writing interesting stories about the team every day: the beat writers. Combine the boredom of spring training with low expectations, and you get writers struggling to find stories.

And while I've never been on a baseball beat for one team, I can relate to what it's like. Hell, it's hard to create content for this blog every day, and half the stuff I write here is just straight nonsense.

So with that in mind, there's nothing I can do but admire Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune. Gonzo grabbed himself a glass, poured enough thought and words into it to ensure it was half-filled.

Seriously, this may be the biggest reason for optimism in camp this spring. The simple fact that the team comes into camp with no lingering injury issues. Well, aside from Jake Peavy, but that's just the way the world is.

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  1. Limbo is the perfect word to describe this franchise. I've honestly been trying to remember the last time I was this indifferent going into Spring Training with the White Sox, and the best answer I could come up with was 1998.

    There were some similarities between that team and this one: new manager hired, and bad money on the books, etc. While it was assumed they'd be bad, they at least had young talent on the roster to get a look at like Mike Cameron, Magglio Ordonez, and to a lesser extent Mike Caruso, Mike Sirotka and Jim Parque.

    This roster has absolutely nobody either young, or interesting to look forward to - no offense to Addison Reed.

    "Remember when we won the World Series in 2005???? That was awesome!" - this will be said at least 8,000,000 times this upcoming summer


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