Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Hurt Beer Will Likely Be Available At The Cell

The White Sox held a conference call for bloggers on Tuesday afternoon, giving us all a chance to talk to Senior VP of Sales and Marketing Brooks Boyer along with Director of Baseball Operations Dan Fabian. Unfortunately due to prior commitments, I wasn't able to get on the call (though U-God was kind enough to post an entire transcription of the call with Fabian).

The most important news of the call was a tidbit from Boyer, as CSNChicago's Jimmy Johns Stankevitz tells us.

According to Stankevitz, Boyer said the Sox are currently working on a deal that will have them selling Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Beer at The Cell this season.
Boyer says the Sox are in discussions with Big Hurt Beer's distributor, although no deal has been struck yet. Big Hurt Beer hit Chicagoland stores in mid-October last year, so there wasn't an opportunity to sell it at Sox games in 2011.
Which is excellent news for all White Sox fans. While I generally don't drink too much when I'm at Sox games since I'm usually responsible for driving myself and others home, I do enjoy the variety of options available at the park. So adding Big Hurt Beer -- which I've been meaning to try since it came out, but I never remember to pick up -- to the lineup is a bonus.

Plus, let's be honest. If you're going to Sox games this year you're probably going to want to get pretty tanked because what you see may be depressing. And given the alcohol content of it, it's going to be nice to have Big Hurt Beer around.

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