Wednesday, January 18, 2012

White Sox And Rangers To Lead Off On Sunday Night Baseball

Get used to seeing that picture on Sunday night of April 8th.

That's because ESPN released its schedule of Sunday Night Baseball telecasts for the 2012 season and the White Sox and Rangers will finish their opening series of the season on that Sunday night in Arlington.

Which, to be honest, isn't a very big deal to me. When we were all a lot younger Sunday Night Baseball used to be a big deal because it was one of the few opportunities to see teams from outside of Chicago on television, and when the White Sox were on it, it felt like a big deal.

These days we have and the Extra Innings package on television, so you can see anybody you want at any time as long as you're willing to pay for it. Plus I actually prefer when the White Sox play during the day on Sunday because Sunday night is usually one of the best television nights around.

I'd rather be watching Mad Men or Breaking Bad.

So I guess I should be happy that while the White Sox are on the first Sunday night of the season, it's also the only time they'll be on. For now, anyway. ESPN only released the schedule for the first half of the season.

I'm sure once the Sox surprise everybody and are on pace to win 140 games ESPN will rearrange its schedule to get them on a few more times.

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