Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Tigers Just Got Fatter, Poorer, And Better

So you've no doubt heard by now that the Tigers just came out of nowhere and decided to give Prince Fielder a 9-year $214 million deal. For the last few weeks there were rumors circulating that Fielder might have to settle for a 3-year deal -- on Tuesday Buster Olney even tweeted he might take a 1-year deal -- and then BAM.

Nine years. $214 million.

Who were the Tigers bidding against? I don't know. The fact is that this deal leads to a lot of questions for the Tigers.

Victor Martinez won't play in 2012, but what happens when he gets back? Detroit will have 3 first basemen.

You also have to wonder how the Tigers will feel about paying off that contract six years from now. After all, fat first basemen don't age gracefully.

None of that matters at the moment, though. The simple fact is that Detroit is likely going to own the AL Central for the next five years with the trio of Fielder, Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander. Which means that there will be plenty of playoff baseball in Detroit, and that could include a World Series title.

If it happens, it's all worth it.

As for the White Sox, obviously, this is not good news. At the same time, it's not terrible news either.

Once this team is free of Jake Peavy and Alex Rios a rebuild will begin. So while the Tigers are going to be dominant, the White Sox will be transitioning, and by the time this team is really ready to compete again, Detroit's big three will be on the decline.

So while things will suck a little more on the south side, it's not like they weren't going to be sucking in the first place.

In the meantime all we can do is hope Prince has the same type of success moving from the National League to the American League that Adam Dunn did.

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  1. Are we having fun yet? How low can we go? I'm guessing Detroit wins 95 and the Sox win 70. We should be 15 back by all star break.


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