Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tigers Going After Matt Garza

I'm not one of those White Sox fans that feels the need to constantly compare the team with the other one that plays in this city. Sure, from time to time I'll take a playful jab, but for the most part I don't care about the Cubs save for the six times a season they play the White Sox.

Hell, I'll even watch a Cubs game during the day when it's on, and the majority of my friends and family are Cubs fans, so it's somewhat hard to just completely ignore them. 

And while I haven't been ignoring them, Theo Epstein and the new regime are really starting to annoy the hell out of me.

This Cubs team was a lot more fun when Jim Hendry was running things. Now it's Epstein, who actually comes out and says his team is rebuilding and then goes through the process of rebuilding them.

It's crazy!

Epstein and Jed Hoyer have made deals over the last few weeks that will not only help the Cubs get through the short-term rough years ahead, but set them up for success in the future.

Now he's getting closer to making life a lot more difficult for the White Sox. Matt Garza is the most valuable asset the Cubs have right now, and they're ready to move him for more prospects to build for the future.

And it just so happens that the team they're talking to right now is the Detroit Tigers.
Excellent baseball sources have confirmed for me tonight that the Cubs are down the road in discussions with the Detroit Tigers to send Matt Garza to the Motor City in exchange for a package of prospects. The Cubs are currently in the middle of a complete overhaul of their major league roster and several teams have expressed serious interest in Garza including the Tigers, the Yankees, the Red Sox, and the Blue Jays. He would be projected as the Tigers No. 2 starter behind Cy Young award winner Justin Verlander.
First of all, LOL at Kaplan starting his post with "excellent baseball sources." I look forward to his next story using "mediocre-at-best baseball sources."


Detroit is already the team to beat in the AL Central, put Garza into a starting rotation that already has the reigning Cy Young winner and AL MVP in Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer, Rick Porcello and Doug Fister and things don't get much easier for the rest of the division.

Which means that even if the Sox play above expectations next season, odds are that they're not going to overtake the Tigers in the standings anyway, and this "rebuilding" phase the team is pretending it's going through will only take that much longer.


  1. "Epstein and Jed Hoyer have made deals over the last few weeks that will not only help the Cubs get through the short-term rough years ahead, but set them up for success in the future."

    Like what? Getting Volstad? Rizzo? DeJesus? Maholm? I guess I'm not as impressed as you are.

    Garza would be a huge addition to the Tigers but I think Turner could turn out to contribute just as much and for longer.

  2. While they have to eat most of his deal, they got rid of Zambrano which was a necessary step for that team. By getting Volstad in return they get a sinker ball pitcher who has had a FIP and xFIP far below his actual ERA the last few years. Which is easily explained by the fact he's a sinker ball pitcher who had to pitch with one of the worst defensive infields in baseball behind him the last few years.

    If the Cubs can manage to put an average defense behind him his numbers will improve a bit. Even if they don't, with him and Maholm -- who signed only a 1-year deal -- the Cubs have two guys who can eat up some innings and get them through the 2011 season.

    DeJesus is a guy that will be a boost to the offense for the next few seasons, even if he's not a long-term guy.

    As for Rizzo, what they did was essentially get a guy who could be the next Prince Fielder -- except 100 times better on defense -- and is under team control for a long time and doesn't cost $150 million. Which means that when the team is ready to contend again, that money will still be there to add a top pitcher or bat to the roster.

    And yes, if they trade Garza for prospects like Turner, then they've added even more young talent to the foundation that are under team control for years to come, all while improving a division rival of the White Sox.

    In other words, they're making smart decisions.


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