Sunday, January 29, 2012

Paul Konerko Is A Bit Of A Realist

You can always count on Joe Cowley to find the one person on the White Sox that isn't all gumdrops and candy canes about the 2012 season. Cowley followed his nose through all the smiles and optimism to find the grizzled veteran that is Paul Konerko.

The one man who isn't scared to go against the weekend theme and admit that White Sox fans have every reason to be less than optimistic about the season and thrilled with the state of the team.

‘‘I would say it won’t matter [what we tell the fans] until July or into August,’’ Konerko told Cowley. ‘‘You get what you earn, and we haven’t earned anything with our fans over the last couple of years.

‘‘Truth be told, there was that little glimmer at the end of ’08 where we got hot, the Twins got kind of cold and .  .  . we found ourselves in the playoffs. But the honest truth is since ’05, we’ve kind of slowly but surely just kind of given back everything we earned steadily. We’re kind of at this spot now where it’s like, ‘Here we are, back at square one again.’  ’’

Man, Konerko should start a blog.

‘‘It’s our job to go out and put that in play, earn it back slowly,’’ Konerko said. “I mean, we hope people come out to watch the game .  .  . but most of the fans and everyone within reason — there can be some that are totally irrational — we’ve earned [their disappointment]. Sometimes you have to look in the mirror as a unit or a group and say, ‘Hey, man, we haven’t been doing what we should have been doing,’ and now it’s about trying to get it back piece by piece.’’

Of course, Konerko does go on to say that the Sox shouldn't be written off, either. He talks about Diamondbacks fans who told him last year after he re-signed with the Sox that he made the right decision because the Diamondbacks were going to suck, and the Diamondbacks went on to win their division.

And he's right. The truth is, we really won't know what's going to happen with the White Sox until the actual season starts. It's just that, personally, I'm in no mood at the present time to think there's reason to be optimistic.

But I also know that come the last week of March, as the season gets closer, I'll start fooling myself into it. "You know, if Dunn starts hitting, Beckham can just be average, the pitching works out and Justin Verlander dies in a car accident, this could work!"

Until then, however, we suck.


  1. The Sox will have to show me that their play is worth me spending money going to games. So far this off season has been one big thud. It's nice to build the minor league system but we have not signed one major league player to help this year.

  2. It's more likely that Cowley was hellbent on writing a pessimistic story and kept pecking away until someone said something that would serve his predetermined purpose. I'm not one to be all lollilops and roses about the 2012 Sox outlook, but Cowley is so knee-jerk about his takes that it is quite tiresome. Did he inherit the bad juju that Mariotti left behind? Is he angling to dethrone Skip Bayless as the champion self-absorbed sportswriter? The whole premise of Spring Training baseball in all 30 camps is "Here is our theory for how we can be a good team this year." Every fan understands that such theories entail a lot of ifs. Dunn and Rios and Peavy can't be traded, so who is harmed when people in January are hopeful that they will have better seasons?


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