Thursday, January 5, 2012

Miami Gives Mark Buehrle A Warm Welcome By Not Letting Him Live In Miami

I know Mark Buehrle is gone and now a member of the Miami Marlins, but, come on, he's still Mark Buehrle. He's always going to be a White Sox. Plus this story is just too good.

Since Buehrle is going to be playing in Miami for the next four years, it would make sense that he found himself a place to live while he's down there. But there's one small problem.

He can't live in Miami-Dade County because the county has a law barring pit bulls -- which of course makes me wonder if the people of Miami have never had to be exposed to Dr. Pepper commercials -- and one of Mark's dogs is technically considered a pit bull.

From The Miami Herald:
Eighteen-month-old Slater Buehrle is an American Staffordshire Terrier — a type of pit bull — and keeping one is illegal in Miami-Dade. 
So Mark Buehrle, who signed a four-year, $58 million contract in December, is settling his family elsewhere. 
Dedicated animal advocates, Mark and Jamie also have three Vizslas: Diesel, Drake and Duke, and human children Braden, 4, and Brooklyn, 2. 
Miami-Dade’s pit bull ban, enacted in 1989, declared American Staffordshires, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers dangerous and outlawed them, along with mixes that display certain of the breeds’ characteristics.
Which is ridiculous. People in Florida buy pythons and other large snakes as pets and then literally just throw them out, and that's totally cool, but there are laws against owning a certain type of dog within the county's borders.

And of course, there's also this point from Rob Warmoski -- whose tweet made me aware of the story -- that further points out how ridiculous the law is.

Completely ridiculous that Dade county would ban a dog breed for supposedly being hazardous, yet have no problem allowing Oney Guillen.Fri Jan 06 02:52:00 via HootSuite

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  1. It that hat just the ugliest thing you have seen? I can truly say - especially now that they have (shudder) Big Freak Out Zambrano - I do not like the Florida Rotting Fish. Add in that horrible Home Run Thing they have planned for their outfield.... I do not like them Sam I Am.


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