Monday, January 30, 2012

Mark Parent Is Ready To Drill Some Fools

Growing up playing baseball, I was convinced my ass had a magnet in it. I was beaned more than my fair share of times, and roughly 98% of the pitches that hit me targeted my left ass cheek.

Why was I drilled so much? I don't know. Probably because I'm so handsome, and the pitchers would look in at the plate, see this beautiful face, and be overcome with jealousy. Or maybe I was just ahead of my time and understood the importance of OBP.

Maybe my ass just made a great target.

Whatever the case, being hit by a pitch sucks. I remember getting drilled in the wrist once, and that sucked even worse. Which is probably why I've never really been in the camp that wants blood for blood when it comes to seeing White Sox players get drilled, unless it was pretty obvious there was an intent to do it.

That being said, the last few years, seeing White Sox after White Sox get hit by a pitch, I began to demand some retaliation. It felt like the pitchers of the AL Central, particularly those in Kansas City and Cleveland, were using the White Sox as target practice. And the White Sox would rarely respond in kind.

Well, it sounds like that may change this year. The question was posed to new White Sox bench coach Mark Parent at SoxFest this weekend, and it seems that Parent is willing to fight fire with fire.

”You hit our guy, we’ll hit your guy,” said Parent.

Which is good to hear, as long as the White Sox don't go out and avenge every hit batter.

Though you do have to wonder if it will even be an issue now that Carlos Quentin is gone. He was roughly 96% of our hit batters the last few years.

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